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6 Home Security Mistakes You Can Correct In A Home You Just Moved Into

If you've recently moved into a new home, you need to protect the investment you're making in your property by ensuring good home security. Unfortunately, a lot of new homeowners overlook security concerns because they're distracted by other aspects of their property like decor.

You can protect your new home from break-ins by avoiding the following six home security mistakes:

1. Having windows with no locks

Windows are frequently targeted by burglars because many homes don't have locks on windows. You should add locks to your home's windows. It's important to realize that manufacturer latches on standard windows aren't always effective at preventing windows from being opened from the outside by intruders.

2. Using locks that don't take advantage of the latest technologies

If you want to maximize security in your home, any old lock just won't do. You need to keep up on security developments by having smart locks added to your home's security features.

Smart locks can be remotely manipulated so that you could lock your door with your smartphone even though you forgot to set your locks before you walked out the door. 

3. Not securing garage doors that can easily be lifted open

You may have a lock on the interior door in your garage. However, you also need to have a lockable garage door to keep valuable items in your garage secure.

Make sure your garage door can be locked and can't easily be lifted open leaving possessions on the inside accessible to intruders. 

4. Failing to adequately light the perimeter of your home

Poor lighting around a home often makes it a target for burglaries. If you've recently moved into a new home, you should evaluate the exterior lighting. Have lighting fixtures added to your home if there are many dark spots at night around its perimeter even when the inside lights are on. 

5. Having an unsecured home Wi-Fi connection

Securing your Wi-Fi connection isn't just an important consideration when it comes to making the most of your bandwidth. It's also important from a home security perspective. 

Leaving your Wi-Fi network unsecured can make it possible for outside parties to access sensitive data regarding your home's finances, for example. It's therefore important to make sure that your home network is encrypted. 

6. Having no security system installed

One of the best things you can do to make your new home secure is to have a whole home security system installed. This will repel would-be burglars from even trying to break into your home, while also making it more difficult for burglars who attempt to rob you from being successful in their efforts.