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Are You A Woman Living Alone For The First Time? Security Tips To Help You Out

If you are a woman that is moving out to live on your own for the first time in your life, you may understandably feel both excited and nervous at the same time. The nervousness may stem from the fact that you will be on your own, which may make you feel vulnerable. Should you feel concerned about break-ins or other such safety and security issues as you move and settle into your new home, there are many steps you can take to make the situation better for yourself. Get to know some of the security measures you can take to protect yourself when you are a woman living alone for the first time. Then, you can feel safer and better living in your new home.  

Put Deadbolts on Your Doors

One of the first security steps you can, and should, take in your new home is to have deadbolts installed on all of your exterior doors. Any door that serves as an entrance to your home should have a standard door lock as well as a deadbolt installed.

Deadbolt locks are sturdier than standard door locks. Having two locks on each door also gives you an extra layer of protection in that a would-be intruder would need to break into multiple door locks to get into the home. In this way, you will both feel and be more secure in your home. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors

While you may not think that spending time with and talking to your neighbors would be a security and safety measure, it very well can be. When you and your neighbors know each other and have positive relationships, you will have extra people watching out for you and your home. Your neighbors can become your allies if, and when, you experience trouble in your home. And when you are friends, or at least friendly, with your neighbors, you can ask them to watch over your home while you are gone or count on them to let you know of anything suspicious going on in the neighborhood. 

Install a Security System with Video Surveillance

If you want to feel as safe and secure as possible in your home, you may want to consider calling someone for a surveillance system installation. There are all different type of security systems, many of which include video surveillance options. Having video security for your home, either exterior, interior, or both, can give you peace of mind both when you are at home and away. 

Some examples of video security systems are quite simple like doorbell cameras. If your doorbell is rang or even if the sensor in the doorbell detects motion outside of your door, you will get an alert on your phone or other connected device. You can then see and hear what is going on at your front door. Some options even allow you to speak to the people at your front door.

More traditional home security systems may involve having multiple cameras set up throughout the home (inside and out). The feed for those cameras can be sent directly to a computer or can be linked to a smartphone app to be checked and reviewed. 

Now that you know some of the ways to feel more secure in your home as a woman living alone, you can start taking steps to improve your safety and security as soon as possible.