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Keeping an Eye on Your Self-Destructive Tween: How Security Camera Systems Can Help

.Older tweens have a lot of emotional issues. They are beginning to deal with hormones and situations they cannot understand, which may cause them to be destructive or self-destructive. When you are a single parent who works, you cannot leave such a child alone, nor can you leave work to deal with this child's behavior. Security camera systems can help. Here is how.

Install the Cameras in the Child's Bedroom in Places Where He/She Will Not See

First, find a location in your child's room where you can install a camera that will record everything your child does in his or her room. The camera will record and capture images of him or her destroying things, throwing things, and harming him/herself. The images can be recorded either via a memory card in the camera itself or via WiFi on an app for a smartphone or tablet. While you do not enjoy invading your tween's privacy, you will find out more about your child and what is happening to him or her when you are not around. It is also smart not to tell anyone else in the house that these cameras have been installed so your tween does not destroy them.

Recording Behavior Leads to Better Psychological Therapy

A security camera system with WiFi and smart device recording can also provide evidence showing that the behaviors your tween is exhibiting are real. This evidence can be given to therapists, who can help your child figure out and understand why he or she is acting up. In extreme cases where someone attempts to call CPS on you and remove your tween and other children from the home, you will have live video footage to disprove any claims made against you. You can also give a copy of the footage to police officers who may enter your home and question its condition and assume you are not taking good care of the kids and the house. When these professionals see what the security cameras have caught, they can provide help to your family.

You Can See What Your Tween Is Doing and Make Emergency Calls

If you see on the video footage that your tween is about to inflict injury on him/herself, you can place calls to the other people in the house so they can stop the behavior. Then call emergency services if you are seriously worried about your tween. Telling the dispatcher what you have seen on the video footage will help the police, EMTs, or fire department get to your home quickly and possibly save your tween's life.

For more information on how security cameras can protect your tween, contact a company like Phoenix Access Control.