Creating A Secure Business

Consideration For Installing A Security System

Having a company like Sonitrol Security Systems add an alarm system to your property is a major change that can greatly improve the overall security of your house. To successfully oversee this type of a project, homeowners must be informed about the wide variety of concerns and steps that are required to make this upgrade.

Install Redundant Systems Where It Is Possible

Homeowners will often fail to appreciate the benefits of opting for redundant systems whenever possible. While it may be easy to assume that this is simply a ploy to sell additional equipment, it will actually provide some important benefits. For example, having redundant systems will make it more difficult for criminals to successfully disable all of the alarms or cameras that may be part of the security system. Furthermore, redundant systems can help to ensure that the effects of any components failing will be kept to a minimum. It may not always be practical to install redundant systems for every area of the home, and when this is the case, it may be wise to focus on the entrances to the home along with the areas where the most valuables are kept.

Review Potential Discounts With Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

There are some homeowner's insurance providers that sell policies that will provide the property owner with a discount if they make security upgrades to the house. Consider that you will own the house for many years; these discounts can become sizable. A common mistake that homeowners will make is to only notify the insurance that a security system was installed once the work is completed. However, notifying the insurance carrier ahead of time can allow them to provide you with the information to maximize any potential discounts. One such example will be obtaining an additional discount as a result of adding a fire detection and suppressant system to the house.

Be Mindful of False Alarms

During the first several weeks after the security system is installed, you may be more likely to accidentally trigger the security system. If you make this mistake, it is important to quickly follow the recommended steps for these situations. For example, these procedures may require you to input a special code into the system to cancel the alarm. Another common option will be for a representative of the security monitoring service to call the home. If the phone goes unanswered or an unauthorized individual answers, the security service may notify the local police so that they can respond. Many communities may charge a fine for false alarms, and acting quickly to cancel this alarm can help you to avoid these expenses.