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3 Things You May Not Know Your Security System Can Do For You

It used to be that only those who were exceptionally wealthy could afford home security services. However, times have changed and home security services are actually something that a lot of people can afford as part of their monthly budget. In addition to keeping your house safe and alert while you are away, there are a few new and innovative things that your security system can do for you that you may not know about. Want to learn more? Read on. 

1. Thermostat

Have you noticed that your cooling and heating bills are higher than ever because you forget to turn your thermostat down or up when you are away? If so, then you may really benefit from this cool security service feature. Nowadays, a lot of security companies offer the ability to monitor your home's temperature from your own smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is open your security services app and then you can turn your thermostat off, adjust temperatures, or do just about anything else. 

2. Garage Door

Do you feel like you leave your house all of the time without remembering whether or not you closed your garage door? And then do you spend the rest of your day wondering if someone is going to steal all of your bikes and Christmas decorations? If this sounds like something that you do all of the time, then you may benefit from this unique security feature; the ability to open and close your garage door from your smartphone or tablet. Usually, all your security services company has to do is install a sensor on your garage door that will show you whether or not you closed it. Then, they will install another feature that will actually allow you to close it and open it from your phone. 

3. Door Locks

Another great feature that a lot of security service companies are offering their customers is smart door locks that allow you to lock and unlock your exterior doors from your smartphone or tablet. The really great thing about this is that you never have to wonder whether or not you left the door unlocked for your kids when they get home from school or whether it's locked when you are away from home. Additionally, this feature will allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting your house. 

In this day and age, a home security system can be a real lifesaver. To learn more, contact a security services company, such as Night Hawk Security, near you!