Creating A Secure Business

Choose The Best Fire Alarm For Your Commercial Space

Protecting your commercial space against damage is important. Most businesses have a lot of money tied up in equipment, assets, and product inventory that are housed within a commercial space.

The threat of a fire should be taken seriously if you want to protect your business against significant financial loss. The right fire alarm system can help reduce damage and ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Carefully consider all options before selecting a new fire alarm system for your commercial space.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are the most affordable type of fire protection system available on the market today. These systems are best suited for use in small commercial spaces, like retail boutiques or restaurants.

With a conventional system, your commercial space will be divided into zones. Each zone will have its own detectors that are connected to various control panels. When one of the detectors goes off, the control panel will tell you which zone in which the alarm is sounding. If you only need basic fire protection, a conventional fire alarm system will be sufficient.

Two-Wire Fire Alarm Systems

Another type of fire protection system available to commercial business owners is a two-wire system. These systems are also designed to protect smaller commercial spaces.

The two-wire system is similar to a conventional fire alarm system, with the primary difference being that each detector throughout the building is connected to the same control panel. This feature lets you utilize a single circuit to control your fire protection system.

You will pay more for a two-wire fire alarm system initially, but the installation and maintenance costs will be more affordable than with a conventional system.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

The most technologically advanced type of fire protection system is a wireless fire alarm system. A wireless system is extremely convenient, especially for business owners operating in large commercial spaces where the installation of new wiring would be costly.

Wireless systems rely on a secured network to connect each fire detector to the main control panel. The performance of individual detectors can be monitored remotely from any tablet or smartphone, making a wireless fire alarm system convenient for any business owner to maintain.

Selecting the right fire alarm system is critical when it comes to protecting your commercial space. Take the size of your commercial space and the cost of adding new wiring into consideration when buying a new fire alarm system.