Creating A Secure Business

Want To Hire A Housekeeper But Nervous Of Snooping & Theft? Use A Home Security System To Your Advantage

Hiring a cleaning service to take care of all of the tasks of housekeeping can definitely make anyone's life easier, but it can also bring concerns of snooping and theft. In fact, one housekeeper admits that they snoop and spy on their clients, and there are always stories in the news about housekeepers stealing, such as one housekeeper from Milwaukee who stole a diamond ring that was valued at $45,000

Fortunately, there is something you can do to mitigate these risks when you decide to hire a cleaning service—a home security system. Here's how to use a home security system to your advantage. 

Restricted Access Code Specific for the Housekeeper

Part of your home security system should include an access code panel in which an access code is entered in order for the entrance to open and allow people inside your home. You can establish a specific access code for your housekeeper. The control panel can be programmed to only allow your housekeeper in during specified times. If the housekeeper attempts to gain entry into your home any time other than the time you set, the door will not unlock. Doing this eliminates the possibility of someone else gaining access by utilizing the code the housekeeper may give them. 

Printer Interface Connected to the Access Control Panel

Access control panels keep a log of each time codes are used, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Since you are paying your housekeeper for their services, you can use this log as a sort of time clock or time sheet. To make things even easier for both you and the housekeeper, connect a printer interface to the access control panel. The printer interface can be set to print each occurrence overall or only those of your housekeeper's access code. One can be located directly at the access control panel for their records, and another inside for your records. 

Motion Detector Indoor Surveillance Cameras 

Install security cameras inside your home, particularly directed towards your most valuable possessions and areas of concern. Be sure the cameras have motion detection capabilities so they will turn on every time someone enters into the area. It's also a good idea that they have night vision capabilities too, which will allow you to see if anything happens if the housekeeper turns off the lighting to avoid being seen. You can set up the home security system so you can watch the cameras live from your mobile device or computer. 

Speak with a home security systems expert in your area for more information on how to protect your home when hiring a house cleaning service.