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What Buyers Need To Now About Alarm Control Systems

If you're in the market for a new alarm control system for the first time, you're likely trying to figure out what features are appropriate for your location. It's important that your setup provides a robust enough set of options to do the job well, but you also probably don't want to overbuy. Paying attention to these four aspects of a system will allow you to get the most peace of mind for your dollar.


An alarm control system can be configured to feed you a lot of information, from intrusion notifications to fire detections. Some systems designed for specific retailers, such as grocery stores, can even be set up to provide notice of power outages and drops in refrigeration temperatures. Different areas can even be configured for varying levels of monitoring.

Most modern setups are now designed to provide a degree of remote access within a secure dashboard. The majority of these configurations also allow users to have access to systems through their smartphones.

Backup Capabilities

There are a number of contingencies that you may want to plan for when putting in an alarm control system. The most obvious scenario is a loss of power. You'll want to talk with your installer about how long the battery backup in your system will do the job, especially if you're worried about a location that might experience lengthy power outages, such as one in a hurricane zone or a rural area. If necessary, you might want to discuss the possibility of setting up a backup electrical generator to keep the system operating.

Notification Processes

Who gets notified when a specific alarm goes off is important to how a response will be mounted. Most companies that provide monitoring use a process where intrusion notifications go to their switchboards, and then operators will contact the customer to determine whether everything is alright. Some setups are designed to send fire detection notifications to the nearest fire department in order to ensure an adequate response in a timely manner.


In addition to handling security concerns, many alarm control systems now provide support for integration with other on-site needs. You might, for example, want a setup that allows you to set air conditioning levels in an office overnight in order to keep utility bills down. Systems can now be integrated with a host of messaging, video and operating features that provide significant convenience.

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